Wedding Items

Looking for wedding supplies to wow your guests and family? Look no further than Nightlife Supplier. We carry everything you’ll need to make your wedding unforgettable. Choose from a wide variety of party supplies such as wedding sparklers, wedding poppers, confetti hand cannons, and much more from our online store.

Transform Your Wedding with Sparklers from Nightlife Supplier!

Make your wedding ceremony a memorable one with Nightlife Supplier. Top your wedding cake with the brightest burning sparklers, or hand out our extended burn sparklers to guests! Our beautifully bright wedding sparklers are available in a 10 inch length that burns for 1 minute or you can even opt for our 20 inch and 36 inch sparklers that burn for 2 and 4 minutes respectively. Nightlife Supplier's wedding sparklers burn emitting a bright shower of beautiful sparks that will add excitement and fun to your wedding. An absolute must to ensure your wedding photos come out picture perfect!