We have a variety of menu sizes for you to choose from including led back lit check presenters. We offer rechargable and battery operated LED back lit menus. This product is most popular with high end nightclubs, steakhouses, restaurants, lounges and banquet halls. 



Nightlife Supplier

LED Backlit Table Tents

$69.95 $58.95

Nightlife Supplier’s LED backlit table tents are perfect for areas which don’t receive a lot of natural or artificial light, and will make ordering a breeze for customers. There are 2 light up panels on our LED backlit table tents, both front...

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Nightlife Supplier

LED Backlit Check Presenters

$59.95 $47.95

Looking for an easy way to wow customers while they order food and drinks from your nightclub? Consider enhancing your menu today with Nightlife Supplier’s LED backlit rechargeable menu display. Measuring 5.5" x 11", these illuminated menu sleeves...

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