Wedding Sparklers

Get ready for an unforgettable send-off with our festive wedding sparklers. Forget the messy rice or birdseed, and add a touch of modern flair as you begin your new journey in life. You’ll look magical walking through a tunnel of sparkling light as you leave your wedding. Wedding sparklers can also be used for a dramatic entrance. They make great party favors as well. Our high quality sparklers burn bright and won’t fail to delight your guests.

Wedding sparklers burn clean and emit very little smoke, meaning they look great in photographs. Made with steel wire, they look appealing even after they've been lit. They come in attractive packaging that looks great on your table, and they are easy to light. We carry 10 inch sparklers for weddings, 20 inch sparklers for weddings, 36 inch sparklers for weddings, and heart shaped sparklers.

Our 10 inch wedding sparklers burn for about a minute. When you’re ready to buy 10 inch sparklers for weddings keep the burn time in mind. It’s best to order ten per guest. Our 10 inch wedding sparklers look attractive inside the package and out. The light they throw off adds a dreamlike element to your event, and their warm glow flatters the skin. The 10 inch wedding sparklers are affordable and fit easily into any wedding budget. Our 10 inch sparklers for weddings make the best party favors.

For a longer burn, try our 20 inch wedding sparklers. Their sizzle and sparkle really make your wedding pop. They stay lit for two minutes, so you’ll only need two per guest. Our 20 inch sparklers for weddings cast a flattering light on the wedding party and stand out in photos. Have your guests hold them out as you stroll under their enchanting light. The 20 inch wedding sparklers work well with smaller weddings. This is the most popular size. Our 20 inch sparklers for weddings give off a shower of beautiful light.

If you really want to make a statement, consider our 36 inch wedding sparklers, which give up to four minutes of burn time. When you need that extra-special display of light, our 36 inch sparklers for weddings fit the bill nicely. These giant sparklers last the longest, and their sizzle and fantastic display is a sight to behold. These dazzling beauties bring your wedding to a spectacular finale. If only the best will do, 36 inch wedding sparklers make the best choice. Our 36 inch sparklers for weddings are the biggest and brightest of the bunch.

Undying romantics will appreciate our heart shaped sparklers. They add a touch of romance and delight your guests with their heart shaped glow. These gorgeous hearts truly look fabulous in photos. The unique heart shapes are definite crowd-pleasers, and they make excellent party favors. Whether you choose 36 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch wedding sparklers, or heart shaped sparklers, you’ll delight your guests and have a wedding to remember.